Murphy: Report merely scratches the surface of Fox’s wrongdoing

Jim Murphy, Labour's shadow defence secretary, responds to the publication of Gus O'Donnell's report into Liam Fox's dealings with Adam Werritty.

"A ten page report into eighteen months of wrongdoing is a superficial and narrow way for the government to deal with such a deep problem.

"This report only scratches the surface of potential wrongdoing. This is a murky business and it has not yet been resolved.

"Liam Fox apologised in the House of Commons last week, but we still do not know the full truth.

"The government is not taking responsibility for a crisis which calls into question its character. Without action people will conclude that the Prime Minister cares more about protecting the few who secretly funded Adam Werritty than protecting the futures of families up and down the country.

"We need to know the role and influence of Liam Fox’s ‘unofficial adviser’, the nature of any solicited donations and the full extent of Adam Werritty’s funding and the access he had.

"The prime minister must give the British public a categoric statement that he is certain that no similar practices are taking place anywhere else in his government, and must confirm that he did not know any of the facts that have come to light since Dr Fox’s statement on 10th October."