Archive of March 2009

Video: UNWTO assistant-secretary general talks to ahead of the G20 Summit part 1

Geoffrey Lipman assistant secretary general to the UN's World Tourism Organisation talks to ahead of the G20 Summit about airport expansion, the environment and the ecnonmic impact of a decline in travel and tourism on developing economies.


    Audio: Simon Hughes

    Simon Hughes on his involvement in the international parliamentarians network for conflict prevention.


    Audio: Abdullah Abdullah

    Palestinian MP Abdullah Abdullah on the importance of funding conflict prevention initiatives.


    Audio: Paul Rowen

    Liberal Democrat MP Paul Rowen calls for the government to address the problem of asbestos in schools.


    Feature: European elections preview

    After the turmoil of the last five years, this spring's European elections will be a crucial test of British thinking about attitudes to the continent.


    Feature: Gizza skill

    There are increasing concerns the government's policies are undermining the ability of those who have lost their jobs to find new skills.


    In the Loop: Posters

    See the new posters for breakneck political comedy In The Loop, brainchild of the people behind The Thick Of It - exclusively on

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