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Feature: MPs on Youth Parliament's Commons takeover

Feature: MPs on Youth Parliament's Commons takeover

  • A besmirched House?

    Analysis: Britain's besmirched Lords

    For hundreds of years Britain's noble lords were trusted to abide by the concept of "honour". The expenses scandal means those days are now over.


    PMQs as-it-happened

    Welcome to's as-it-happens page. Here, you can keep up to date on speeches, debates and major political events live, in real-time. Just hit refresh on your browser to see the latest developments.


    Griffin appearance: Reaction

    Opinion was intensely polarised when Nick Griffin, leader of the BNP, took his seat on the show's panel. Today, it remains exactly the same.


    Griffin: Give me one more chance

    Read the BNP leader's comments to journalists in full, in which he accuses the BNP of bias, asks to do another Question Time, and says London is not part of Britain.

  • Thursday until Saturday will see strike action

    Postal strike

    Britain will go through a second consecutive week of postal strikes this week.

  • The BBC faced substantive anti-fascist protests today

    BNP Question Time as-it-happened

    Keep track of developments as BNP leader Nick Griffin appears on Question Time, with's live coverage.


    Feature: Inside the BNP

    The leaked BNP membership list gives outsiders a much-improved insight into where the far-right party draws its support from.

  • Forget the eyes; ears hold the key

    Sketch: Leader's ears

    The leaders of Britain's three main political parties dared to appear together in public today, but their ears said more about them than their words.

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