Paul McCartney’s ‘no’ endorsement: Are the terrible puns worth it?

Paul McCartney knows a thing or two about messy breakups. This weekend we've learned he doesn't want Scotland to divorce the rest of the UK in next month's independence referendum.

The ex-Beatle has joined scores of other people who have nothing whatsoever to do with politics in signing a letter making clear they want Scotland to vote 'no' on September 18th.

This is being treated as a big deal. If Scottish voters had not already been persuaded by the views of Mick Jagger, Tom Daley, Patrick Stewart, Davina McCall, Bruce Forsyth, Sara Cox, Dame Vera Lynn, Michael Parkinson, Alan Titchmarsh and Daley Thompson, surely they will be won over now Macca has added his name to the list.

One of the organisers of the letter, the TV historian Dan Snow, offered quotes accompanying Macca's endorsement with the reverential solemnity of a military officer bringing news of a great victory.

"We are absolutely delighted to be able to have Sir Paul's support for Let's Stay Together," he said, "as he is not only a national treasure but somebody who loves Scotland for what it is: a beautiful and inspiring country, and one that we are proud to count as part of the United Kingdom."

Snow points out that McCartney actually likes going to Scotland. He bought a farm near Campbeltown in 1966 and was able to slink away there during the Beatles' break-up.

From the baffling mediocrity of his first solo album, McCartney, to the jaw-clenchingly anodyne 1977 number one hit Mull Of Kintyre, Macca has often allowed the beauty and solace provided by Scotland's landscape inspire his songs.

Now McCartney has offered online 'no' supporters the chance to respond to the mockery inflicted on them in last week's #PatronisingBTLady by offering some jibes of their own.

The puns have been truly appalling.

Scottish Labour MP Anne McGuire took things too far:

"We are glad to have the Help! of Sir Paul McCartney. It is hardly surprising that Sir Paul wants us to Come Together. Maybe rather than trying to take us all on a Magical Mystery Tour Alex Salmond should just Let it Be."

And then there is this. The Scottish independence referendum is rather serious, isn't it? There's political arguments to be had. Or you could just put Beatles wigs on.

All this is, surely, too much to bear. And yet McCartney is one of the biggest celebrity endorsements yet. With the latest polls putting all the momentum firmly with the Yes Scotland campaign, perhaps Macca's high-profile intervention really will rescue the union…