Video: The Scottish independence referendum in one minute

Animation by Jessica Knights

Script by Alex Stevenson

On September 18th, the eyes of the world will be on Scotland. One way or the other, history will be made as Scottish voters answer yes or no to the question: Should Scotland be an independent country?

The stakes are extremely high, for there'll be no going back if Scotland backs independence.

The yes campaign claims Scotland can afford to be a successful country in its own right.

But the no campaign says Scotland can have the best of both worlds by sticking with the rest of Britain.

A lot depends on the answers to some uncertain questions. Would Scotland get to keep the pound or be allowed to join the euro? Who gets Scotland's oil reserves? How much of Britain's national debt would Scotland have to take on? What about nuclear weapons? What about the BBC?

Those registered to vote in Scotland will have to make up their minds – and can vote either in person, by post, or by proxy. The world is watching and waiting to see what future they choose for Scotland – and the rest of the United Kingdom.