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The Flexible After Fifty report calls for greater flexible working support for people over age 50 to be more active in the workforce

A new report from the 50+ Choices Roundtable shows how businesses, older workers and the wider UK economy would all benefit from employers and government prioritising greater flexibility in the workplace. The Flexible After Fifty report, from the members of the 50+ Choices Roundtable, shows that nearly three quarters (72%) of over-50s are seeking flexible… Read more »

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MDU advises doctors not to ignore inappropriate patient behaviour

Doctors are being reminded to get help if a patient makes an inappropriate advance, now that new guidance by the regulator places more emphasis on reporting unacceptable sexual behaviour in the workplace. In a recent MDU survey on receiving gifts from patients around 15% of the 411 MDU members who responded had concerns about the reason for… Read more »

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Michael Gove's interview this week saw him challenge the integrity of the journalist questioning him.
Has Michael Gove gone rogue (again)?

“What’s Michael Gove up to?” This perennial question is doing the rounds once more among Gove-watchers in SW1 after the Observer published details over the weekend of a “secret summit” on Brexit. The paper reports that the two-day summit in the Great Hall of Ditchley Park was a cosy cross-party affair, complete with an extraordinary guest… Read more »