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Patients currently have to opt into the system
Scientists to deny Brown’s organ donor rules

Gordon Brown’s proposal to make everyone a prospective organ donor unless they actively decline is set to be denied by the government’s advisory board next week. Though Mr Brown and England’s chief medical officer both think the new proposal could save thousands of lives, the Organ Donation Taskforce is likely to decide that changing the… Read more »

MDU advises doctors on how to prevent a delayed diagnosis in prostate and testicular cancer
MDU continues ‘doctors for doctors’ ethos with new chief executive

The Medical Defence Union (MDU), the UK’s first and leading medical defence organisation for doctors, today announced that it has appointed Dr Matthew Lee as its new chief executive. Dr Lee will take over from Dr Christine Tomkins, who is retiring in September after a long career supporting MDU members. Dr Tomkins has been in… Read more »

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Warning over UK's 'organ tourists'
Warning over UK’s ‘organ tourists’

Britons travelling abroad for organ transplants may be receiving organs from donors who have not given their consent, the chief executive of the Human Tissue Authority (HTA) has warned. The call comes as a group of experts say organ trafficking and transplant tourism have become “global problems”. “In the UK, there are people who have… Read more »