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BASC welcomes environmental lawyer to the ranks

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) is excited to announce the appointment of law academic Dr Marnie Lovejoy as its new head of environment law research. Marnie has a PhD in law and is the former associate head of Portsmouth Law School. Gamekeeping runs in her family and she is a keen beater… Read more »

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Straw: HRA needs rebalancing
Jack Straw: Human Rights Act needs rebalancing

Justice secretary Jack Straw is planning to “rebalance” the Human Rights Act amid concerns it has become a “villains charter”. Mr Straw, who has become frustrated with the way that the act is operating, has suggested the rights in the legislation could be balanced with new “responsibilities” to obey the law and to be loyal… Read more »

Amnesty celebrations for the anniversary last night
Greens call for human rights overhaul

The Green Party are calling for a new method of encouraging member states of the United Nations (UN) to improve their human rights record. The Greens are proposing the UN establish a Global Human Rights Index (GloHRI) which would measure and rank each country by its conformity to the international human rights standard. The proposal… Read more »