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Jersey Assembly to discuss proposed right to die law

Jersey’s States Assembly will meet today to discuss proposals from the Citizens’ Jury to change the law for adult islanders with terminal or incurable conditions who have a clear and settled wish to end their lives. Channel Islands Humanists, part of Humanists UK, campaigns to legalise assisted dying for both the terminally ill and incurably suffering. It has… Read more »

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A first listen to a new wild food podcast

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation’s (BASC) Eat Game initiative is launching a ground-breaking monthly podcast focused on wild game and its sustainability credentials. A spin-off from the official BASC Podcast, the Eat Game Podcast will serve the consumer market, with particular focus on those with a specific interest in sustainable food. Hosted by BASC’s resident… Read more »

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Police powers to stop and search have been curtailed
New restrictions to stop-and-search

By Ian Dunt Civil liberties campaigners claimed a major victory today after the home secretary announced new restrictions on the use of stop-and-search by police. The powers, which have been branded illegal by the European court of human rights (ECHR), allowed police to search members of the public without suspicion they had committed an offence… Read more »

Court halts Hamza extradition
European court halts Hamza extraditions

By staff The European court of human rights (ECHR) has halted British plans to deport Babar Ahmad and radical preacher Abu Hamza to the US on terror charges. Both men appealed to the ECHR on the grounds that their potential treatment could violate the Human Rights Convention provisions on the “prohibition of torture and… Read more »