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MDU appoints new head of Scottish affairs to champion member interests

The Medical Defence Union (MDU) has appointed Mr Jerard Ross as head of Scottish affairs to champion the interests of the MDU’s growing number of members in Scotland. Over the last four years Scottish membership has grown almost 30%, according to the MDU, the UK’s leading medical defence organisation. Jerard, who has worked at the… Read more »

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Winners announced for BASC Ladies’ 2021 Star of Shooting Awards

The three winners of the 2021 BASC Ladies’ Star of Shooting Awards have been announced. For the second year, the awards were split into three categories: Target Shooting, Game and Gamekeeping, and Field to Fork. More than 100 nominations were received. Laura Boswell, from Northamptonshire, took the Target Shooting category, Zoe Roper-Smith, from Norfolk, the… Read more »

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'hundreds' of pupils fingerprinted
‘Hundreds’ of schools fingerprint pupils

Thousands of school children are potentially being fingerprinted, the Liberal Democrats claim. A survey of Local Education Authorities (LEAs) discovered 285 schools regularly fingerprint pupils and store their biometric details on record, adding the real figure could be higher. Despite this, the Department for Education and Skills (DfES) has not issued any guidance on when… Read more »

Will Brown scrap ID cards?
Calls for Brown to confirm ID card future

Gordon Brown has been called upon to confirm his position on ID cards, amid increasing Westminster speculation he will abandon the government’s controversial scheme once prime minister. With rumours mounting Mr Brown will move away from a national ID card scheme – increasingly criticised for its cost and implications for civil liberties – the shadow… Read more »