BFAWU to recall Conference

Today the Labour Party has made a clear statement of intent in its aspiration to repair its relationship with the bosses but seems to be determined to widen the divide between the representatives of labour and those our movement represent. The recent decision to proscribe organisations is seen as a divisive and a purely factional… Read more »

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The business going to battle with Brexit

The continuing uncertainty over Brexit and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, has created a nightmare for businesses trying to plan for 2021. Amid the uncertain climate, there are however companies like Pure Electric, who are expanding next year. The electric bike and scooter firm are more than doubling their number of stores, and significantly moving into… Read more »

Are you ready for a no deal Brexit?

  As Brexit negotiations continue, the UK comes closer to leaving the transition period with no deal. Boris Johnson has advised the public to get ready for no deal. So we decided to ask them. Are you ready for a no deal Brexit?