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Covid-19 has led to global humanist crackdown

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to many countries cracking down on humanists’ freedom of thought and expression, with some countries blaming the non-religious for the pandemic, while the restrictions imposed by many others have left closeted humanists trapped with their hostile families. Those are the findings of this year’s Freedom of Thought Report, published today… Read more »

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Iran claims all sailors have "confessed" to trespass
Iran hints at diplomatic solution to naval dispute

Iran has suggested a diplomatic resolution to the ongoing ‘hostage’ crisis is possible, providing the UK admits it entered into Iranian waters. Ali Larijani, head of Iran’s supreme national security council, said it was Tehran’s priority to settle the matter through diplomatic channels. Appearing on Channel 4 News on Monday evening, he said it was… Read more »

Blasts at Britain’s Tehran embassy

Small explosions have been reported at the British embassy in Tehran, as the dispute over 15 Royal Navy personnel seized by Iran took a new turn. Rocks and firecrackers were thrown at the embassy compound as about 200 student protestors demonstrated against the UK government’s refusal to apologise for straying into Iranian territorial waters. The… Read more »