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PM pays tribute to 50,000 Bevin Boys
Brown recognises Bevin Boys’ war effort contribution

The prime minister has paid tribute to the “incredibly important” contribution of the young men conscripted into coal mining during the second world war. Named after labour and national service minister Ernest Bevin, the Bevin Boys were tasked to work in Britain’s coalmines between 1943 and 1948. Almost 50,000 men aged 18 to 25 –… Read more »

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Teachers ban military 'recruitment'
Tories condemn MoD school recruitment ban

The Conservatives have condemned teachers’ call to ban military visits to schools. The NUT conference today agreed Ministry of Defence (MoD) visits to schools amount to recruitment and target young people with “misleading propaganda”. The MoD denies it actively recruits in schools but teachers told the NUT conference MoD representatives deliberately target students in deprived… Read more »