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Plaid Cymru

07 June 2022

Plaid Cymru (the Party of Wales) is a Welsh Nationalist party that sits on the left of the political spectrum.

In comparison to the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP), Plaid Cymru is currently far less of an electoral force, with considerably smaller representation both at Westminster and in the Senedd (previously known as the Welsh Assembly).

In the 2019 General Election, Plaid Cymru won three of the 40 Welsh seats in the House of Commons, one seat in the House of Lords, and 13 out of 60 seats in the Senedd. Since 2021, the party has held one out of the four Welsh Police and Crime Commissioners.

In 2020, Plaid Cymru representatives accounted for 202 of 1,264 principal local authority councillors in Wales.

Plaid Cymru Leader

On 28 September 2018, Adam Price was elected Leader of Plaid Cymru, taking over from the previous Leader, Leanne Wood.

Notable previous Leaders of the Party include Ieuan Wyn Jones, who was party leader twice, serving as Deputy First Minister of Wales and Minister for the Economy and Transport in the Third National Assembly.

A leadership race in Plaid Cymru can be triggered by a challenge to the incumbent Leader. In 2018, Adam Price and fellow Assembly Member, Rhun ap Iorwerth, challenged Leanne Wood.

In leadership elections, Plaid Cymru members vote using a preference system: if no candidate receives over half of first preference votes, the one with the least first preferences is eliminated with their votes redistributed to the voter’s second preference. This continues until one candidate surpasses the 50% threshold. In 2018, Price won in the second round, after Wood’s votes were redistributed.

What does Plaid Cymru stand for?

Plaid Cymru campaigns for Welsh independence and promotes the teaching and use of the Welsh language. The party supports a Welsh independence referendum, with the Party pledging to hold such a poll if it ever wins a majority in Welsh Senedd.

As well as supporting eventual independence, the Party campaigns for the further devolution of responsibilities to the Welsh Assembly

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