‘This motion is simply unconstitutional’: Commons debate on barring alleged sex offence MPs

On Monday evening, MPs debated proposals that would allow parliament to ban those from the estate who have been charged with sexual or violent crimes.

Initially, a House of Commons commission proposed a risk assessment would take place on whether an MP should be prevented from attending the parliamentary estate if they were arrested on suspicion of committing such an offence.

In turn, concerns have been raised that the measures have been watered down.

Shadow leader of the House of Commons Lucy Powell said in the debate: “We’ve come a long way in addressing the culture and bad behaviour in parliament. Setting a proper framework for the risk based exclusion of members is an essential, if limited step in this journey”.

Conservative MP Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg objected to the measures on the ground that they are “unconstitutional”.

Arguing that any expulsion from the commons must flow from a vote of MPs, Sir Jacob said: “The problem with this motion is that it is simply unconstitutional. If we want to go down this route, we need to legislate for it.”

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