Streeting gives Barclay ‘reality check’ on Conservative record in Tamworth ahead of key by-election

In Health and Social Care Department questions today, shadow secretary of state Wes Streeting gave Steve Barclay a “reality check” on the government’s record in Tamworth, ahead of a key by-election in the constituency on Thursday.

Streeting said: “Listen to the secretary of state, you’d think it’s all going so well. So let me give him a reality check in Tamworth. Last year only a third of patients said it was easy to get through to their doctor on the phone. One in three GP appointments were not conducted face to face and fewer than half of patients were offered a choice of appointment”.

Barclay responded: “His plans are being mocked by respected think tanks because he talks a good game on reform. But we know that he will never stand up to the trade unions”.