Transport at Budget 2021

In response to the 2021 Autumn Budget, Nick Bowes, Chief Executive at Centre for London said:

On transport investment 

“The Chancellor committed to “London-style transport” settlements in the rest of the country, but ‘London-style’ risks becoming code for slashed services and cancelled investment unless Transport for London gets the sustainable funding deal it needs. A world-class public transport system is critical to London’s competitiveness. And any deterioration of TfL’s services would undermine the competitiveness of the city and harm the contribution London makes to the nation’s coffers.”

On fuel duty

“The Chancellor’s ‘new age of optimism’ needed a strong environmental focus given it’s just a matter of days before world leaders gather in Glasgow for COP26. We needed to hear much more from the government on how we are to successfully transition to a net zero economy, but instead heard headline announcements of a cut to domestic flight duty and cancelled increases in fuel duty.”