Liz Truss appears to back Donald Trump as she says ‘world would benefit’ from Republican victory

Former prime minister Liz Truss has said the “world would benefit” from the Republican candidate winning the US presidential race in 2024. 

In an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal, Truss said she “hoped” a Republican will be returned to the White House in 2024, saying “There must be conservative leadership in the U.S. that is once again bold enough to call out hostile regimes as evil and a threat”.

Donald Trump is the far away frontrunner for the Republican nomination to take on current president Joe Biden in 2024. 

One polling aggregator suggests Trump leads his closest rival in the Republican primary, Florida governor Ron de Santis, by 60 per cent to 12.4 per cent, notwithstanding the fact that he faces 91 criminal charges.

In an article entitled “The World Again Needs American Leadership”, Truss did not name the former president, but she has previously called him “very good” and “very nice”.

Trump has returned the favour, saying he speaks “very highly” of the former prime minister.

Truss is currently on a visit to Washington DC with Conservative Friends of Ukraine. And in her article for the Wall Street Journal, she argued that “too many of us in the Western world became complacent about the defeat of our communist enemies” at the end of the Cold War.

She added: “In reality no such victories are permanent.

“The West allowed China to join the World Trade Organization as a developing nation—on beneficial terms it enjoys to this day—as President Xi Jinping proceeded to make himself president for life, clamped down on democracy and freedom of speech in Hong Kong and presided over human-rights abuses in Xinjiang province”.

She said: “There must be conservative leadership in the U.S. that is once again bold enough to call out hostile regimes as evil and a threat”. 

Away from foreign affairs, she argued that “all of us in the West must halt the rot we have allowed to develop within our own societies that attacks the Anglo-American values of patriotism, freedom and family”.

“Whether it be the anticapitalist excesses of extreme environmentalists or the radical woke agenda being promoted in our schools and on our campuses, we urgently need to counter ideologies that undermine our way of life and give succor to our enemies. The future of the West depends on it”.