Tebbit: Gay marriage could lead to artificial insemination lesbian Queen shock

The passing of the gay marriage bill could lead to a lesbian monarch passing on the right of succession to her child through artificially insemination, Norman Tebbit has warned.

The controversial right-wing peer's attack also saw him suggest the change in the law would allow him to marry his son to evade inheritance tax.

The bizarre comments, which were given in an interview to the Big Issue, highlight the difficulties the gay marriage bill may face when it goes to the Lords after it passes a Commons vote tonight.

"I said to a minister I know: have you thought this through? Because you're doing the law of succession, too," he said.

"When we have a queen who is a lesbian and she marries another lady and then decides she would like to have a child and someone donates sperm and she gives birth to a child, is that child heir to the throne?"

Tebbit also raised an argument found on the fringes of the gay marriage debate concerning its implications for inheritance tax arrangements.

"It's like one of my colleagues said: we've got to make these same sex marriages available to all. It would lift my worries about inheritance tax because maybe I'd be allowed to marry my son," he said.

"Why not? Why shouldn't a mother marry her daughter? Why shouldn't two elderly sisters living together marry each other?"

The well-respected Tory peer said David Cameron had "fucked up" by alienating the Tory grassroots with the gay marriage bill.

"The government discussed it for 20 minutes on the morning of its announcement," he said.

"They'd done no work on it beforehand."

MPs are expected to pass the bill by a large majority today, but Lords may raise concerns about the lack of heterosexual access to civil partnerships.