Green light for Thatcher tribute expenses

By staff

MPs travelling to Westminster today to praise former Conservative prime minister Margaret Thatcher are eligible for expenses of up to £3,750, it has been confirmed.

The eye-watering amount was authorised by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority, the Commons' intensely controversial expenses watchdog.

Most parliamentarians journeying to the recalled parliament will not be able to claim the impressive amount. But those returning from overseas – perhaps from extended holidays over the Easter period – are being permitted to journey back to the UK at the taxpayers' expense.

"It is a series of tributes at public expense – vast public expense if everyone turns up," typically outspoken MP George Galloway told the Mirror.

"It is enough to make you sick. It is vast public expense for a bunch of fanatics on the Tory side and hypocrites on the Labour side who shed crocodile tears.

"At least half the country hated and despised her but you have to show 'respect'."

Ipsa argued it was "reasonable" that MPs should not be out of pocket if they wanted to contribute to parliament's proceedings after the last-minute recall, triggered by Thatcher's death on Monday.