‘Nobody came’: BNP’s Nick Griffin escapes legal action over gay B&B tweet

BNP leader Nick Griffin has escape criminal charges for encouraging supporters to demonstrate outside the home of a gay couple barred from a B&B by its Christian owners.

Michael Black and John Morgan were the victors of a court ruling against a Berkshire B&B owner who objected to them sleeping in the same bed. The ruling prompted Griffin to speak out about "the right to discriminate".

"In the end we decided not to make a formal complaint," Black told the BBC.

"The tweet was only up for a short time, it did not give a specific time and nobody came."

Cambridgeshire Police said: "Following a police investigation and advice from the Crown Prosecution Service no criminal offences were identified."

A BNP spokesperson said: "There was obviously no offence. I think he was just figuratively speaking."

Black and Morgan won £1,800 after the case although it is being taken to appeal.