George Osborne tops list of Brits’ nightmares

George Osborne is the most common bogey-man in British people's dreams, according to a new survey.

The Travelodge poll found 70% of Brits have nightmares which see them wake up sweating, crying or screaming and that Osborne is the most terrifying figure they encounter – followed closely by Gordon Brown.

"Suffering from nightmares that involve the chancellor, money and losing a job are a true reflection of how the credit crunch and the double dip recession have affected our well being as well as our money," Travelodge spokeswoman Shakila Ahmed said.

After the chancellor and his predecessor, Brits found their dreams haunted most by fashion model Katie Price, but there were other politicians on the list.

Ann Widdecombe came fourth and Ed Balls eleventh.

Manchester United coach Alex Ferguson – famous for his 'hairdryer' rants at players – came fifth, footballer Wayne Rooney came sixth, singer Justin Bieber came seventh and rock star Marilyn Manson came eighth.