Mitchell’s Rwanda scandal: Labour finally goes on the attack

Labour finally addressed the growing scandal around Andrew Mitchell's decision to safeguard aid to the regime in Rwanda today.

Speaking after the matter was raised in the Commons, shadow international development secretary Ivan Lewis demanded the government suspend aid to the regime, which is accused of funding civil wars in Africa and breaking human rights at home.

Comment: Andrew Mitchell's secret scandal

"David Cameron’s answer today at prime minister’s questions demonstrates a worryingly level of ignorance about these serious allegations," Lewis said.
“The EU, US, Netherlands and other donors have maintained their suspension of aid leaving the UK isolated and responsible for undermining a coherent international position."

On his last day as international development secretary, Mitchell reversed a UK decision to cut aid to Rwanda. The move was greeted with dismay by human rights activists, but was largely ignored as the 'pleb' scandal dominated the front pages.

Cameron backed that decision during PMQs today, despite protests from Britain's aid partners.

"I'm clear, Rwanda continues to be a success story and I'm proud of the fact we continued to invest in success," he said.

"We should be very frank with the regime we do not accept they should be supporting militias."

The UN also accused Rwanda of continued military and financial support for militias in the Democratic Republic of Congo.