Scott: Lib Dems stopping return to Thatcherism

By Hannah Brenton

The Liberal Democrats are stopping the Tories from “doing their worst”, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Tavish Scott has said.

In a move to distance himself from the Conservatives, Mr Scott released a campaign video in which he claimed the Lib Dems had prevented a return to Thatcherism.

The election broadcast follows comments by party president Tim Farron yesterday that Baroness Thatcher’s government pursued “organised wickedness”.

“Well I remember Ms Thatcher too, I remember the real lasting damage she did to Scotland,” Mr Scott said.

“That’s why when Labour walked away after the last election, we couldn’t let the Tories run the country on their own.

“We all remember in Scotland what the Tories were like on their own, we’ve stopped them doing their worst. And we’ve made a difference.”

Mr Scott pointed to income tax breaks for the lowest earners, tackling bankers’ bonuses and restoring the link between pensions and earnings as key Lib Dem achievements within the coalition.

Margaret Thatcher is a much-mythologised figure, inspiring adoration on the right and vehement anger on the left.

Mr Scott’s reference to her legacy comes as the Lib Dems face an election drubbing in Scotland, with the most recent polls showing their support around the eight per cent mark.

The Scottish Lib Dem leader has struggled to separate himself from the unpopular policies of the Westminster coalition.