Clegg: Labour opposition is ‘hysterical’

By staff

Some elements of opposition to the Liberal Democrats’ role in government are “hysterical”, Nick Clegg has told party activists during a Q&A.

The session, which took place at the party’s autumn conference in Liverpool, saw Mr Clegg accuse the opposition and Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee in particular of perpetuating a “betrayal myth” for siding with the Conservatives over deficit reduction.

Many elements were in “a near state of apoplexy and hysteria”, he continued.

“We did not win the election,” Mr Clegg said.

“If you want the Lib Dem manifesto, make sure we win the next election.”

He added: “I am supremely relaxed about our independence and identity in the coalition.”

Mr Clegg also announced that the government is dramatically increasing aid to Pakistan following the flooding in the country, with another £60 million pledged to help the 20 million displaced by the disaster.