Poll suggests need for cuts sinking in

By politics.co.uk staff

Politicians’ repeated messages about the need for spending cuts appears to be winning over the public.

A poll for Reuters by Ipsos Mori found 58% acknowledged a ‘real need to cut spending on public services’ to pay off Britain’s high national debt.

That number compares to 49% in March. It suggests repeated warnings about the need to implement cutbacks across the government by David Cameron, Nick Clegg and other senior coalition figures have been successful in preparing the public for today’s austerity Budget.

Sixty-one per cent think the government is being honest about the state of the public finances, compared to 40% last November when Labour’s policies about continuing spending were continuing.

“There is general satisfaction with the way the new government is dealing with the economic situation,” a summary on Ipsos Mori’s website said.

“Most think that the government is being honest about the state of the public finances and believe that in the long-term its policies will improve the state of Britain’s economy.”

Mr Cameron’s approval ratings stood at 57%, while Mr Clegg was not far behind on 53%. But among those absolutely certain to vote the Liberal Democrats stood on only 19%, four points less than they received in last month’s general election.

The Conservatives are on 39% with Labour on 31%.