90% of Lib Dems back Tory talks

By politics.co.uk staff

A surprisingly high number of Liberal Democrat members back Nick Clegg’s decision to enter into talks with the Conservatives.

But the survey of 350 party members, conducted by Lib Dem Voice, found 80% of respondents believed progress on electoral reform should be a “deal-breaker”.

Eighty-nine per cent of members backed Mr Clegg’s approach to the hung parliament scenario – that he should let the party with the most votes and the most seats try and form a government.

That figure rose slightly when members were asked if they supported Mr Clegg’s decisions to enter into discussions with the Conservatives on that basis, with 90% expressing their approval.

Mr Clegg’s performance in the election campaign appears top have impressed members, despite the party losing seats – 98% said his performance had been effective or very effective.