Another Labour MP calls for Brown resignation

By Ian Dunt

Former Cabinet minister Kate Hoey has become the second Labour MP to demand the resignation of Gordon Brown.

Ms Hoey told BBC Radio Five Live’s Stephen Nolan show: “I think he must go and I don’t think we will have renewal until we get a new leader.”

The Vauxhall MP is the second Labour figure to demand Mr Brown step down as leader, following John Mann yesterday.

Ms Hoey admitted it would be unwise for the prime minister to step down in the middle of a constitutional crisis, but insisted he should announce his intention to quit.

I think, deep down, most Labour party members know that in a short time, one way or another, the prime minister won’t be Gordon Brown and he won’t be the leader of our party,” she said.

The former sports minister expressed her dissatisfaction with the election campaign under Mr Brown, saying it was too negative.

Many people had backed the party because of policies and value, she said, but they did so “reluctantly because of who our leader was and with a heavy heart and despite us having Gordon as leader”.

Ms Hoey also called for the parliamentary Labour party to meet to discuss the current situation.

The Lib Dem parliamentary party met yesterday and the Conservative parliamentary party will meet on Monday.