General election 2010: Labour wins by a hair in Hampstead & Kilburn

By Sabine Klensch

Labour candidate Glenda Jackson has won the three-way marginal seat of Hampstead and Kilburn with an extremely narrow majority of 42 votes over Conservative Chris Philip.

Surprisingly enough the Lib Dems, who had high hopes for this newly created seat as their number six target, ended on third position with 31.2% of the votes.

In 2005 the Lib Dems were second in the former constituency in the London Borough of Brent, who was split up, creating the seat of Hampstead & Kilburn. The party had experienced a considerable growth in popularity here since 1997.

But this time, the Lib Dems ended just 1.1% behind the leading party, Labour, reflecting their disappointing performance nationwide.

Hampstead is the home of the “chattering classes” and the “liberal intelligentsia”. Its elevated housing prices make it a popular location for city financiers, celebrities and business entrepreneurs.

While Britain continues creeping towards a hung parliament Labour has been able to secure this seat despite struggling on account of the downward trend in their support nationally.