Lib Dems’ hung parliament wish-list revealed

By staff

A secretive Liberal Democrat ‘hung parliament committee’ has drawn up a list of demands to be brought forward if no party secures an overall majority, according to a report.

The Sun newspaper – which is campaigning brazenly for the Conservatives in the run-up to polling day – said it had secured a “dossier” outlining the proposed demands which the Lib Dems would insist on as the price for securing their support in a hung parliament.

Mr Clegg would have to have the title deputy prime minister. The Lib Dems would insist on at least six Cabinet-level appointments, as well as 12 other ministerial appointments. The party would also insist on being given the foreign secretary’s job.

Electoral reform towards proportional representation would also be required. Mr Clegg’s team are seeking second place in the popular vote in a bid to reinforce their campaign to shake up the current first-past-the-post system.

The Liberal Democrats called the package a “historical document”. The Sun reported the plans had been drawn up for 18 years.