Labour candidate brands Brown ‘worst PM ever’

By staff

A Labour candidate has branded Gordon Brown the “worst prime minister” Britain has ever had.

Speaking to his local paper, Lynn News, north-west Norfolk Labour candidate Manish Sood mapped out a host of policy areas in which the governing party had lost its way.

“Immigration has gone up which is creating friction within communities. The country is getting bigger and messier,” he said.

“The role of ministers has gone bureaucratic and the action of ministers has gone downhill – it is corrupt.

“The loss of social values is the basic problem and this is not what the Labour Party is about.

“I believe Gordon Brown has been the worst prime minister we have had in
this country,” he continued.

“It is a disgrace and he owes an apology to the people and the Queen.”

The councillor promised the newspaper he would control religious education, give more powers to police, and aim to regenerate farming and industry.

He also supports the re-introduction of the death penalty and giving the Queen more powers.