Brown’s scorn for ‘gameshow’ Clegg

By staff

Gordon Brown has revealed the full extent of his distaste for Nick Clegg’s television popularity.

Speaking in an interview with the Observer newspaper, the prime minister – whose Labour party has slipped behind the Lib Dems in the polls – said he felt the third party’s policies could have been put together on a night out with friends.

“I mean, you know, when you actually look at their economic policy, these regional caps on immigration, this amnesty for illegal immigrants, this tax policy that’s built on £4.5 billion coming from tax avoidance, it’s the sort of stuff that you do when you’re at a dinner party looking at your policies and writing them on the back of an envelope,” he said.

“We’re talking about the future of our country. We’re not talking about who’s going to be the next presenter of a TV gameshow. We’re talking about the future of our economy.”

Mr Brown said he was a “serious man” who was the only leader confronting the “brutal truth” of spending cuts under a Conservative government.

“They would take away tax credits from a million people. So, they take away people’s consuming power, their spending power. You take money out of the economy; that means that people have less to spend,” he warned.

“It means that people buy less. It means that retail is affected. It means that all sorts of things happen as a result of that.”