Labour’s poster launch ‘a car crash’

By Sam Dale

Labour’s latest poster launch was interrupted by a car crash just yards away from the car park in Birmingham where the prime minister and ten cabinet ministers were standing.

A green Volkswagen Golf crashed into a bus shelter after swerving to avoid a dustcart, whose passenger is believed to have been shouting abuse at the ministers.

Business secretary Lord Mandelson was praising the prime minister’s performance in last night’s TV debate when the crash occurred.

Mr Brown was next to speak but reporters rushed to the scene of the crash as it happened.

Eyewitness Jay Bailey, 36, said: “The lorry driver was shouting abuse as they drove past and they did not see the car. It hit the car, which lurched into the bus shelter.”

Stephen Miller, 39, a computer engineer, said: “I heard shouting and turned around and saw three or four guys shouting at the politicians. I turned back round and did not see the crash but heard the car screeching and then the crash.”

Inspector Jim Gooderidge, of West Midlands Police, said: “We don’t know the full circumstances of the incident yet, but the drivers are being spoken to by officers. Nobody was injured.”