Cameron’s suit ‘won debate’

By Sasjkia Otto

David Cameron’s suit may have given him the competitive edge over his rivals in the final leaders’ debate, according to a tailoring expert.

Ketan Jethwa, creative director of Tailoring UK, said the fit of the Conservative leader’s suit and the warm shade of his tie “made his overall appearance more positive and meaningful” to the audience.

He said Nick Clegg’s charcoal suit, white shirt and tie looked striking and made people want to listen to him, but did not have the same impact as Cameron’s outfit.

However, he said he found Gordon Brown’s dark suit less inspiring. “[It] seemed a size too big – his jacket well over his shoulder blade, the chest too wide and trousers too baggy,” he said. “[He was] wearing a drab shirt and a tie irrelevant to his dress scheme.”

“Who can tell who will win on the night with such a close race, but I think that Cameron and Clegg’s visual presentation is giving them the edge in this final lap,” he said.

“Gordon Brown needs to go against the grain of his old strap line and introduce some ‘flash’ and reinvent himself style-wise if he is to lift himself through this tough period and present with vigour.”

“Cameron looked great in his dark navy/black suit, classic crisp white shirt and a sharp royal blue tie,” he said.

“His suit could have been carved to fit better and neater, but perhaps this was left a little to chance, as to be too tailored may have left him looking inaccessible to the voting public at large.”