The polls: Tories lead but not enough

By staff

The Conservatives lead in four new opinion polls published today but with no more than 34% of the vote.

In an Optimum poll for the Daily Express, the party picks up two points to go to 34%, with both opponents losing a point to go to 28% for the Lib Dems and 25% for Labour.

In a Guardian ICM poll, David Cameron has the backing of 33%, no change on a week ago, with Lib Dems and Labour also unchanged on 30% and 28% respectively.

In the YouGov/Sun daily tracker, The Tories lose a point to touch 33%, Lib Dems lose one to go to 29% and Labour on 28%.

The biggest movement comes in a ComRes poll for the Independent and ITV which sees the Lib Dems pick up two points at the Tories’ expense to close the gap to just one point, with the Conservatives on 32% and Nick Clegg on 31%. Labour hold 28%.