Sevenoaks: Controversial candidate claims Tory conspiracy

By Anna Parkin

An independent candidate in the Tory stronghold of Sevenoaks, Kent has released an election flyer suggesting the Conservatives are conspiring against England.

Mark Ellis, a retired customs officer from the leafy suburban town, distributed the leaflet entitled ” ‘Con’.spiracy against England?”

The flyer quotes from the notorious Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a series of anti-Semitic documents published in 1903.

“I was shocked to receive this flyer with its ludicrous claims. I’m fed up with the dominance of the Tories in this area, but I think I’ll vote Lib Dem rather than for Mark Ellis,” said a local resident, who refused to give their name.

Mr Ellis suggests the European Union’s ring of 12 stars can be seen as a “symbolism of the 12 in control” (when the Protocols were written, “the 12” were Jews).

He goes on to blame the Tories for “the needless spoiling of the fireworks trade” and claims they are funded by the Bolsheviks.

The candidate also expresses fears that words such as ‘England’ and ‘Kent’ will soon disappear from maps.

He comes out against environmentalism, saying “ridiculous CO2 controls” are harming factory production.

Mr Ellis said; “My leaflet has had a good response so far. People often wave at me in the street and I’m very well known here in Sevenoaks. The biggest problem in politics today is that all of the three main parties are destroying us.”

During the 2005 general election Ellis received 233 votes in Sevenoaks, while outspoken Conservative Michael Fallon won with a majority of 51.8%.

The Sevenoaks constituency has been Tory since it was created in 1885, with just one exception in 1923-24 when a Liberal MP won.

The constituency made the headlines last year when BNP candidate Paul Golding gained a place on the istrict council.