The polls: The Clegg effect continues

By staff

A full week after the TV debate which saw Nick Clegg catapulted to the forefront of British politics, his Liberal Democrat party continues to have unprecedented levels of support.

As Labour and Conservatives, and some of their supporters in the press, turn their guns on the Lib Dem leader, there appears to be no backlash in the polls.

An Ipsos Mori monthly poll in the Evening Standard puts Conservatives and Lib Dems literally neck-and-neck on 32% each, with the Tories losing three points form March, the Lib Dems jumping 11 points and labour in third, having lost two points to go to 28%.

A Harris Metro weekly poll also has Labour in third, on 26%, with the Tories leading on 31% after a heavy loss of five points and only just ahead of the Lib Dems, who picked up seven points to reach 30%.

Such a result would lead to a hung parliament, with the Tories probably having most seats.

With the first leaders’ debate having had such a dramatic effect, tonight’s foreign policy discussions may be crucial in setting the tone for the fourth week of the campaign.