New polls see Lib Dem support firm up

By staff

The view of the Liberal Democrat surge a flash in the pan looks set to be proved wrong with a handful of new polls consolidating the party’s position this morning.

An Angus Reid/PoliticalBetting poll put the Tories on 32%, down six, the Lib Dems on 32%, up ten, and Labour on just 24%, down four.

The Lib Dems are second in three other polls.

Daily Express/Opinium puts the Tories on 32%, down five, the Lib Dems on 29%, up 12, and Labour on 26%, unchanged.

Today’s YouGov poll for the Sun, puts the Tories on 33%, the Lib Dems on 31% and Labour on 27%.
A Guardian/ICM poll saw the Tories drop four points to 33%, The Lib Dems rise 10% to 30% and Labour drop three points to 28%.

A fifth poll, conducted by ComRes for ITV and the Independent, put the Tories up one on 32% but saw the Lib Dems and Labour in joint second place with 28%.

All eyes are now on Nick Clegg ahead of Thursday’s second TV debate, on foreign affairs. The Lib Dem leader will be under extraordinary pressure to maintain his performance, while Gordon Brown and David Cameron will be keen to chip away at his image with sustained attacks on Lib Dem policy.