‘Sugardaddy’ donates £400K to Labour

By politics.co.uk staff

Alan Sugar has donated £400,000 to the Labour party, raising inevitable accusations he has become its ‘sugardaddy’.

The money, donated to help with campaign running costs, provides Labour with at least one prominent wealthy backer.

It follows business leaders turning out in their droves to support the Tories after the opposition pledged to cancel the national insurance tax hike.

Lord Sugar, whose peerage was given to him by Gordon Brown, has made total payments to Labour of £750,000 since 1997.

Douglas Carswell, the Conservative incumbent in Harwich, said: “Now we can see why Gordon Brown told Lord Sugar ‘you’re hired’.”

But Labour is keen for the cash injection, with Gordon Brown having to travel around the country in buses and trains while David Cameron flies using his own private jet.