Limehouse and Poplar: Galloway harassed by ‘Islamic fundamentalists’ on the campaign trail

By Andrew Connelly

George Galloway and his Respect party colleagues were ‘abused’ and ‘attacked’ by alleged Muslim extremists whilst campaigning around the Poplar and Limehouse constituency in East London.

On Saturday around 3pm the Respect party leader was campaigning with supporters around Watney Market in Shadwell, when a group of three young men began to shout abuse at the MP.

The MP claims that the men shouted at him, calling him a ‘kaffir’ (a derogatory word for a non-Muslim) and that no one should shake the ‘filthy kaffir’s hand’.

The three young men then allegedly began to ‘barge’ and ‘jostle’ other supporters in the crowd in an attempt to get closer to Mr. Galloway, according to the MP’s assistant, Kevin Ovenden.

He said: “They are Islamic fundamentalists. They object to people voting in general, especially Muslims.”

Police arrested three men on public order offences and they have been bailed until May.