Polls: Tories biggest party in hung parliament

By politics.co.uk staff

Despite a seemingly strong start to the election and plenty of media coverage for his ‘tax on jobs’ message, David Cameron will not like the look of the latest opinion polls.

A Populus poll in the Times today, the first full new poll conducted since the election was announced puts the Tories only seven points ahead of Labour, at 39% against 32%, with the Liberal Democrats on 21%.

The Yougov daily tracker in the Sun shows the Conservative lead to be even smaller at just five points.

It says the Conservatives have lost three points to go to 37%, Labour gain one to reach 32% with the Liberal Democrats gaining most to rise two points to 19% and nationalists and others up one to 12%.

If either of these polls are reflected in the actual election Britain would have a hung parliament, with the Conservatives being the biggest single party.