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Two thousand schoolchildren ‘learn moor’

More than 2,000 schoolchildren were treated to an upland educational experience during this year’s Let’s Learn Moor events. Talks and interactive presentations were provided by those who live and work in the uplands including gamekeepers, farmers, conservationists, local organisations and the emergency services. Now in its fifth year the project continues to offer local schools… Read more »

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Labour's lost it: The Sun headline which marked a change of allegiance
Top Tory attacks the Sun over Brown coverage

By Ian Dunt The Sun “got it wrong” in its attacks on Gordon Brown this week – and David Cameron would probably agree, a senior Tory has said. Speaking on last night’s Question Time, shadow security minister Dame Pauline Neville-Jones took a critical approach to the Sun’s coverage this week, which saw it turn Mr… Read more »

Willie Bain, Glasgow North East's new MP
Victorious Bain claims ‘jobs’ won Glasgow North East

By Alex Stevenson Glasgow North East by-election victor Willie Bain has said unemployment was the key issue which helped him retain the seat for Labour. Mr Bain, who saw off a Scottish National party (SNP) challenge with a majority of 8,111, said his constituents had made a choice between Labour investment against the Conservatives. His… Read more »