Harman unimpressed with BBC

By Alex Stevenson
Harriet Harman has made clear to MPs her opposition to British National party (BNP) leader Nick Griffin’s appearance on Question Time.
The leader of the House and deputy leader of the Labour party said the British people were proud of their commitment to free speech – but also proud of “our commitment to a diverse community and proud of our community to be anti-racist in this country”.
She was responding to a question by Liberal Democrat MP Evan Harris, who called on ministers to avoid ‘outsourcing’ the decision of whether to allow the BNP on the programme to the BBC.

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“The BNP is a racist and divisive party. Their constitution prohibits from membership anyone who is not indigenously Caucasian,” Ms Harman said.
She added: “The BBC have made their decision and no doubt they will reflect on it once they see the outcome of it tonight.”
Her comments follow the tabling of an early day motion by Labour backbencher Virendra Sharma condemning Mr Griffin’s participation in Question Time.
The motion says the move will “convey a spurious legitimacy to the BNP that it does not deserve and risks normalising this poisonous, abnormal political party”.
Mr Sharma will be attending the protest outside Television Centre later, his office said.