Foreign lorry threat worries MPs

By staff

Dangerous foreign lorries on Britain’s roads need to be dealt with more effectively to protect lives, according to a committee of MPs.

Heavy goods vehicles from abroad are statistically more likely to be non-compliant with British safety rules.

But in its latest report on the VOSA the Commons’ transport committee cited industry representatives arguing “the penalties for non-compliant foreign operators were unsatisfactory”.

It found that, while foreign vehicles cannot be targeted specifically, the government should identify ways to improve enforcement and compliance.

“It can only be right that resources are concentrated where they are most likely to save lives,” the report stated, applauding the recently introduced high risk traffic initiative as an example of extra resources focusing on the problem.

It concluded: “This is a significant step in the right direction, but we are concerned whether the number of additional staff is adequate, and we urge the government and VOSA to take immediate action if it becomes clear that more staff is required for such schemes.”