Cameron bike stolen – again

By Ian Dunt

David Cameron has had his bike stolen for a second time.

This time it was taken from his right outside his home, in Notting Hill, west London.

The Tory leader was forced to borrow a bicycle from his parliamentary aide, Desmond Swayne, this morning, after it went missing sometime after 07:10 BST.

The two men usually cycle to prime minister’s questions together, but after discovering the theft, Mr Swayne lent him his own vehicle.

“His need was greater; the party would have expected nothing less,” Mr Swayne joked.

“My only fear was that I had lent him a death trap and I might be held responsible for the by-election.”

Mr Cameron last lost his bike after leaving it outside a supermarket last summer. It was returned to him after being tracked down by a Sunday newspaper.