21 days before govt cuts off local authorities

By politics.co.uk staff

Local authorities are running out of time to make their data network compliant with government standards before they are cut off from central government networks.

But experts are warning that several departments are running late on complying with the Government Connect Secure eXtranet (GCSx) and Code of Connection (CoCo) rules.

“Despite the fact that many local authorities have been advised by the government of the need to complete their GCSx CoCo reviews and consultancy procedures, there are still some departments that have yet to fully implement a secure connection system for their remote users,” said Paul Huntingdon, public sector director at Credant Technologies.

“As a result, once the secure government gateway goes live at the end of this month, these ‘straggler departments’ could find themselves being cut off from access to the GCSx system, unless of course the government grants extensions to them,” he added.

Local authorities have until March 31st to comply with the new rules.