Significant rise in knife robberies

By staff

The number of robberies at knifepoint has increased by 18 per cent, official figures revealed today.

The period between July and September last year not only witnessed a rise in the number of robberies involving knives or sharp objects but also a ten per cent increase in murders involving knives.

However, the Home Office statistics show overall there was a three per cent fall in recorded crime compared to 2007.

The number of recorded firearms offences also fell by 29 per cent and sexual offences by seven per cent.

Speaking on a numerous television interviews this morning, home secretary Jacqui Smith expressed concern at the four per cent rise in domestic burglaries but said the government were looking at the impact of the current economic downturn on crime levels.

“It has been the case in the past when we have had previous recessions that it has had an impact on crime,” she told Sky News on Thursday.

“That is why we started working last summer to make sure we could be on the front foot to prevent that from happening.

“I do not think these things are inevitable, there are things you can do about it.”

Downing Street rejected the claim there was a clear link between economic downturns and a rise in property crime “because the government can take action to reduce crime”.