Blears’ fighting talk rouses Labour

Hazel Blears delivered a pugilistic speech to the Labour party conference this afternoon, saying she expects a real “fight” against the Conservatives at the next election.

Labour are as many as 20 points behind in the polls at present but the mood in Manchester this week has seen the party unite behind Gordon Brown as they prepare to take on David Cameron’s Tories.

“We are ready to take on these Tories, scrutinise every claim, test every argument, let no lie go unchallenged,” she said.

“Conference, this will be the fight of our lives, but I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

Much of her speech focused on her personal background and her father was in the audience to watch her speak.

She related her experiences growing up in Salford to the threat of a new Conservative government, saying she experienced a “broken society” there under Tory rule.

“Come on, Mr Cameron, if you want a fight about whether it’s Labour or the Conservatives who can best deliver a strong society, we stand ready.”

Ms Blears raised eyebrows with one remark as she discussed the ability of Labour politicians to communicate with members of the public.

“Labour politicians may seem a little bit odd at times, but underneath, we get it,” she said.