Looming Glasgow by-election poses problem for Brown

Labour strategists are planning a positive approach to next month’s expected by-election in Labour East.

Current MP David Marshall is expected to step down for health reasons, leaving July 24th as the date pencilled in for the vote.

The Daily Record newspaper suggests local councillor George Ryan is the favourite to succeed Mr Marshall as Labour’s candidate. With a majority of 13,507 to defend the seat should be held by Britain’s governing party.

But with Scottish Labour reeling after the resignation of its leader Wendy Alexander over the weekend some analysts are suggesting the Scottish National party (SNP) could pose a real threat and damage struggling prime minister Gordon Brown’s leadership further.

Former Scottish Socialist party leader Tommy Sheridan, currently facing a perjury charge relating to his legal tussle with News of the World, is also rumoured to be considering standing to renew his political career.