Peacemakers mark Good Friday Agreement

Senior figures from the Northern Ireland peace process have gathered in Belfast to mark the tenth anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement.

It comes as the police welcome Gerry Adams’ vow that the IRA will not return to “dealing with criminality” in nationalist areas and recognition that there is only one legitimate police force in Northern Ireland.

Tony Blair and Bill Clinton, both regarded as key players in the peace process, will not be attending the conference.

Mr Blair reportedly has a prior family engagement while Mr Clinton is campaigning alongside his wife Hillary for the Democratic nomination.

The former prime minister said the Good Friday Agreement, which helped broker power-sharing at Stormont, was inspirational across the world.

He said: “They see it as a real beacon of hope for other such conflicts they think it is amazing that it’s happened.

“I think it is a really great symbol of how the world changes so fast and can throw up the opportunity to settle conflicts that seemed irresolvable for decades, centuries even.”

Irish Taoiseach Bertie Ahern attended the conference, alongside senator George Mitchell who helped bring about the deal.